The history of hacking | What is the history of hacking?

The history of hacking

The history of hacking

The history of hacking

What is the history of hacking?

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If you use the internet, then you never heard of the hacking word. But do you know the real history of this hacking or when it first started and who started it? If you do not know, please read this post carefully and I hope you will find a lot of information.

How hacking is and who is involved in it - is not yet clear to cyber experts. Although it was introduced in the seventies and new things are still being discovered. It was reported that there was talk of hacking at the University of Massachusetts in the 5th. However, the use of shortcut method through computer was called hacking. On November 25, the university students mentioned in their research papers the word hacking.

Then the eighties. Phone hackers have started rioting. John Draper's name is notable among the earliest phone hackers (called Frickers). The group started hacking and this time around. They used electronic bulletin board systems. The first magazine '20' with hacking was published in 5. This is a special magazine on how to be a hacker, what happened to particular hacking cases around the world, and so on. 1986 year Robert Morris of the United States is accused of hacking. He hacked all the information about six thousand government and university websites. Robert faces three years in prison and a fine of £ 1,000.

In the nine decade, the hackers are said to be in heaven. Kevin Munich, a serial computer criminal, was jailed for seven years for stealing nearly 25,000 credit card numbers. In 2000, there was a new kind of computer attack called Danial Of Service (DOS). This year, the world's largest attack occurred on the well-known Yahoo and Amazon sites. This year another important event happened. In May of that year, millions of people around the world were infected with the "I LOVE YOU" virus.

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